PivotCX Adds Real-Time Video to Communications Hub


PivotCX released the beta version of its Real-Time Video communications package, which will be an addition to its talent acquisition communications hub. The company said the addition of video will provide a high level of interoperability across  existing channels already in place.  

By creating an “all-in-one” communications hub, PivotCX said it’s enabling recruiting teams to communicate with candidates according to their own schedule. The platform allows for both automated and person-to-person conversations via text, voice, video and email.

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“Today, companies are operating their talent acquisition processes using legacy tools and communication channels that do not scale or enable them to keep pace with the dynamic nature of the market and candidate expectations for timely feedback,” said CTO Mike Seidle 

The PivotCX communications hub will address administrative steps of the hiring process, as well as provide recruiting teams with the ability to engage both candidates and hiring managers. The company believes the hub will help recruiters operate at the speed and scale required in today’s recruiting environment.

The hub can be used as a standalone solution or integrated into systems or tools that recruiting teams already have in place, including ATS, CRM and HRIS, as well as job boards, social media and career sites.

Effective Communication

Real-time video, in conjunction with SMS and voice within the communications hub, will increase the pace of communicating with, and collecting information from, candidates and hiring managers, PivotCX said. In addition, the incorporation of video will allow recruiting teams to lead candidates throughout the hiring process.

“We understand that successful recruiting outcomes are dependent on being able to communicate effectively and to capture the information needed in a timely manner,” said PivotCX CEO Howard Bates. He believes the introduction of video to the company’s platform will further its mission of helping speed up the hiring process, even as it enhances the candidate experience.

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