Beamery Announces ‘Behavioral Boolean’ Search Tool

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Recruiting relationship software provider Beamery released of Search Assist, a “Behavioral Boolean” tool customers can use to combine keywords, geographic and historical information with live behavioral data and candidate interactions into highly targeted search strings for use in their CRM database.

Beamery said Search Assist is the first search tool take such an approach. In addition, it said, Behavioral Boolean can significantly reduce the time needed to identify and engage qualified talent because it more accurately gauges candidate interest and intent.

“With these newest enhancements, we’re empowering employers to surface and prioritize candidates based on not only their relevance, but their intent,” said co-founder and Chief Product Officer Sultan Saidov. The product also allows companies “to leverage the investment they’ve made in attracting previous applicants.”

'Behavioral Boolean' reduces the time needed to identify and engage qualified talent because it more accurately gauges candidate interest and intent, says @BeameryHQ #HR #HRTech #Recruiting Share on X

What Behavioral Boolean Does

Using Search Assist, Beamery’s users are able to combine traditional search data points with signals of intent, interest and interaction to pinpoint candidates that closely match the requirements of each vacancy. They can use Beamery Recipe workflows to automate repeatable searches and add qualified candidates to their database.

Besides search, Beamery offers tools for users searching external sites like GitHub, AngelList and Facebook. When a candidate’s name is added, the system shows whether they’re already in the customer’s database and whether or not they’re engaged.

Customer feedback was the basis for many of these new features and search filters, the company said.

In February, Beamery received an investment from Workday Ventures and said it would join the Workday Software Partner Program. At the same time, Workday said its talent acquisition team would begin using Beamery’s products in its own efforts to identify candidates.

Beamery’s platform combines talent CRM, talent marketing, automated compliance and an integration layer that enables enterprises to approach recruiting in the same way they approach customer acquisition.

Its products “allow companies to take a lot of the principles, concepts and tools that marketing organizations use to build the pipeline of would-be prospects and reapply this to recruiting,” Vice President of Marketing Ben Slater said in an interview.

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