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Beamery signed an exclusive technology, sales and marketing partnership agreement with Ph.Creative, an employer branding agency based in Liverpool.

The deal allows both organizations to offer Beamery’s CRM platform and Ph.Creative’s career web site technology, design and employer branding services in a single solution.

Although Beamery provides career sites of its own, Vice President of Marketing Ben Slater said the company doesn’t see the offerings as competing with each other. “We want to offer the best possible solutions to our clients, and we know that Ph are leaders in terms of designing, building and implementing brand experiences across the Fortune 500,” he said in an email. “We will continue to ensure that our offerings are complimentary.”

New partnership allows @BeameryHQ to offer its platform and Ph.Creative’s career web site technology, design and employer branding services in a single solution. @PhCreative #HR #HRTech Share on X

In addition to the employer-brand components of the agreement, Ph.Creative CEO Bryan Adams highlighted the “intelligent and targeted approach to analytics” it will include. Nancy Chou, Beamery’s director of partnerships & business operations, said the relationship will provide employers with intelligent CRM insights “without being limited by legacy or highly templated CMS solutions with inflexible capability, design choice and performance.”

Ph.Creative offers employer branding and recruitment marketing services to an international roster of clients including the Royal Bank of Scotland and Magellan Healthcare.

Beamery’s Creative Fit

Beamery launched its Career Sites product in August 2019 to help employers provide customized job-site content and candidate search experiences. Integrated into the company’s CRM and Marketing modules, Career Sites also provides data employers can use to track their recruiting funnel’s performance and page analytics to help identify bottlenecks.

The company offers creative services through its Beamery Digital unit, which was announced at the same time as Career Sites. Even though that moved Beamery into a new realm—creative services as opposed to technology—the company saw creative work as being closely linked to Career Sites’ core mission. Slater said Ph.Creative “will supplement and work hand in hand with our internal team.”

Updated Feb. 27, 2020, to include Slater’s comments on Beamery Digital.

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