Beamery Launches TalentGPT to Create Personalized Experiences With AI

Beamery Launches TalentGPT to Create Personalized Experiences With AI

Beamery launched TalentGPT, an HR technology that uses generative AI to help deliver personalized experiences in the workplace. The product offers a “single assistant” using Beamery’s existing AI along with OpenAI’s GPT-4 and other large language models.

The new product is built using Beamery’s Talent Graph, an AI technology that tracks data points about candidates, companies, skills and jobs.

According to the company, TalentGPT personalizes insights and recommendations to the user and generates content that adapts to changing customer information and requirements. The company said that the product will create better experiences for managers, recruiters, candidates and employees across its platform.

“We are not just incorporating TalentGPT into all of our products – this new technology is enabling us to radically simplify and redesign all of our user experiences,” said Beamery Co-Founder and President Sultan Saidov.

The Risks With AI

The company also recently had its products audited for bias by a third-party to “create compliance and mitigate risks” associated with AI models. The audit was performed by Parity, a company whose mission is to end algorithmic inequality.

In response to the audit’s conclusion, Saidov said, “For AI to live up to its potential in providing social benefit, there has to be governance of how it is created and used. There must be transparency and auditability of the AI models and its impacts.”

 In addition, the company said it will also be providing candidates with the ability to set their own preferences around AI and the use of their data.

In December, Beamery closed a $50 million Series D funding round, taking the company to a valuation of over $1 billion and representing a 25% valuation uplift over its previous round. Later, barely a month after it hit unicorn status, Beamery said it would be laying off “around 12%” of its workforce, as a result of cutbacks.

Image: Beamery

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