Glue Launches New Platform for Employee Engagement

Glue Launches New Platform for Employee Engagement

The employee engagement company Glue launched a new platform to help “uncover” connection opportunities for the distributed workforce. The offering uses machine learning, recommendation, optimization, network analysis and modeling to better engage employees.

“We hear over and over—from people leaders, employees, and exec teams—that building relationships is the hardest part of remote work. And the data shows that when employees are disconnected, they’re three times more likely to quit,” said Glue Co-Founder and CEO Shane Kovalsky.

With the platform, the company said employers and HR leaders will gain actionable data and a better understanding of their distributed workforce. The new product also gives companies access to real-time connection data based on employees’ digital interactions, so that leaders can proactively take action and measure ROI.

Employee Connections and Engagement

Founded in 2019, Glue, formerly known as Mystery, builds engagement technology for distributed teams. The company aims to help people leaders understand relationships within their organization as well as help employee build connections that “drive” personalized engagement and retention.

Glue recently announced the rebranding on top of the company’s shift towards leveraging people and business data outside of employee surveys in order to better comprehend engagement opportunities. In addition, the company is repositioning itself to add new offerings such as meet-ups and off-sites instead of its traditional virtual engagement events.

 “In the modern era of hybrid, distributed, and remote workforces, disengagement has become the default state,” Kovalsky said. “At Glue, we are dedicated to creating tools that help people leaders to offer personalized engagement experiences that employees actually want to take part in.”

Glue also acquired PopStage, a HR software company that focuses on virtual experiences. PopStage is a platform that hosts collaborative work experiences such as interactive workshops, boot camps, webinars and training sessions virtually. Integrating the capabilities of these two engagement platforms will further enhance the distributed employee workforce experience, the company said.

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