TalentGuard Unveils AI-Powered Skills Management Solution

TalentGuard Unveils AI-Powered Skills Management Solution

Workforce skills management company TalentGuard unveiled WorkforceGPT, the company’s new product to help organizations with reskilling, upskilling, career pathing, performance management and succession planning.

The product uses a version of OpenAI’s GPT model alongside customer and market data to “reinvent” how organizations build roles and manage skills within their workforce.

The company said the platform uses live market data to update roles and skill taxonomies continuously, in the hopes of giving organizations up-to-date information to support talent management and other business decisions. In addition, the product automates the creation of job and skill data to save teams time while giving them the knowledge to be able to adapt to changes.

“Organizations across every industry need to develop skills quicker than ever before and struggle to keep up with the pace of change,” said TalentGuard CTO Frank Ginac. “By combining large language models like GPT, real-time labor data, real-world customer data, and our Talent Frameworks, we can deliver market-relevant roles and skills without sacrificing essential parameters of workforce intelligence, proficiency levels and behavioral indicators, to keep up with the ever-changing world of work.

Understanding Skills

The offering will further the company’s goal to give organizations more visibility of the skills within their workforce, so that they can make talent decisions based on data and intelligence.

Other features of the new product include:

  • AI-driven role and skill taxonomies: The platform utilizes the GPT3 model to analyze and generate comprehensive, accurate role and skill taxonomies based on real-world labor market data aligned with existing customer data.
  • Continuous updates: WorkforceGPT refines its role and skill taxonomies, providing organizations with the most up-to-date and relevant information to support their talent management strategies.
  • Platform enabled: WorkforceGPT is designed to work with TalentGuard’s platform of skills management solutions.
  • Customizable: Organizations can adapt WorkforceGPT to their unique needs, with the ability to modify and extend the platform’s role and skill taxonomies as required.

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