Hiring Platform Fyndo Launches With Eye on SMBs

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Fyndo, a hiring automation platform, launched with the goal of helping small and medium-sized businesses automate their hiring process, from posting jobs to setting up interviews. The company said it will help hiring teams both save time and increase efficiency. The company’s financial model requires use to pay only when a candidate is hired. 

“Hiring teams spend the most time creating jobs, screening resumes, scheduling interviews… At Fyndo, we realized that most of these tasks [could] be automated using the technology,” said Fyndo Chief Product Officer Kaushik Vinay. In addition, he said, automation increases both efficiency and quality of hire.


Fyndo describes its solution as an AI-driven recruitment platform that automates the hiring process for the hiring teams at SMBs. The platform sources, screens and schedules interviews with the best-matching candidates, the company said, relying only on minor human intervention. In addition, the automated process completes hiring more quickly and eliminates unintentional human bias during the screening process, Fyndo said.

Fyndo CEO Amit Chauhan estimates recruiters can get back one hour each day during the recruitment process by using his platform. “Hiring teams spend too much time doing tasks that could be automated and improved by today’s technology,” he said.

Fyndo distributes job postings to “major” job sites with one click, allowing employers to quickly reach both active and passive candidates. Its proprietary AI technology screens job description data points and matches them against a candidate’s information, Fyndo said. It then showcases the best candidates and notably reduces the time spent reviewing applications. The AI also detects fraud and spam applications and removes them from the application pool.

Fyndo said it uses AI to automate job creation, distribution, candidate screening and communication. The use of AI, Fyndo said, allows employers to speed up their hiring process, reach more candidates and keep interested candidates engaged.  

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