Beamery Puts New Talent Data Platform Front and Center

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Beamery launched a new Talent Data Platform, which it describes as an AI-driven data hub that uses graph technology and deep learning to provide more complete and accurate talent insights.

The platform draws from more than 1 billion data points to create a unique, dynamic first view of talent, the company said. It provides an idea of a candidate’s potential and intentions, rather than focus on their current performance alone.

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Beamery President and Co-Founder Sultan Saidov said that employers need “a foundational technology” in order to keep up with the evolution of work. “Companies need to be more agile, workforce planning needs to continuously adjust, and the candidate and employee experience needs to become dynamic,” he said.

“The lack of accurate and reliable data is one of the top challenges for talent leaders today,” said Aptitude Research’s Madeline Laurano in a statement provided by Beamery. Without a solid data foundation, she said, employers can’t interact effectively with talent, or keep up with “changing talent dynamics.”

Beamery Data Foundation

Beamery said the Talent Data Platform serves a dual purpose. First, it de-duplicates, enhances and standardizes talent profiles to make sure data is accurate, complete and accessible. Second, it contextualizes data through a proprietary knowledge graph.

With those features as a foundation, the platform helps talent acquisition teams:

  • Tailor interactions according to a candidate’s capabilities and expected career path.
  • Apply intelligent and predictive data to workforce planning.
  • Plan for future talent and reskilling needs by providing a complete view of talent capabilities within the organization.
  • Improve talent-matching capabilities.
  • Provide unified candidate, employee and recruiter experiences with embedded data and interactions across the organization.

Beamery launched its Talent Operating System in September 2019. The TOS was designed to centralize data, applications and talent operations in one place, and provide better tools to recruiters and an improved experience to candidates. In its latest announcement, the company said the data platform powers the TOS.

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