Beamery Strengthens Personalization of Candidate Experience

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Beamery announced additions to its product suite that are meant to help companies personalize the experience candidates encounter during the hiring process. The features include a new candidate portal as well as a preference center, enhanced campaign editor and AI-powered browser extension.

“As we grapple with an increasingly uncertain global economic environment, organizations need to adapt their talent strategies to become more agile,” said Beamery President Sultan Saidov. “This requires taking a more skills-centric approach to the roles they are hiring for, and considering how they can create skill-based pipelines to allow them to move faster when roles re-open in the future.”

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‘Deep’ Personalization

With the update, Beamery aims to help companies create “deep” personalization of their talent lifecycle.

The candidate portal is a hub that helps candidates with “skills-based role discovery,” the company said. It will allow users to discover and be matched with roles that fit their current skillset. It also lets them see what their career could look like at a prospective employer if they chose to apply. In addition, the portal offers the option to be notified when new roles that fit their skills become available.

Beamery said the new features also allow companies to create a more inclusive experience. Not only do they guide applicants to roles they might not have considered, they enable employers to review and pipeline potential candidates based on their skills and potential, rather than rely on traditional parameters such as education and years of experience.

On top of that, the new preference center helps candidates manage communications and control how companies use their data. Another new program, the enhanced campaign editor, seeks to reduce the time companies need to create emails for candidates. Finally, the updated AI-powered browser extension shows recruiters to what degree a candidate might be open to engaging with them.

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