BenefitMall Adds Administration Features to EmployerFocus

BenefitMall EmployerFocus

BenefitMall launched enhancements to its EmployerFocus product that it says will increase the efficiency of benefits administration for both brokers and clients. 

The new features are designed to simplify the chores involved with benefits enrollment and management and offer increased flexibility, the company said.

Enhancements to @BenefitMall EmployerFocus are designed to simplify benefits enrollment, management and offer increased flexibility. #HR #HRTech Share on X

Included in the update are an augmented Open Enrollment dashboard that allows brokers and clients to view group online enrollment summaries, individual employee election status and enrollments, plan offerings and enrollment periods.

In addition, brokers can select their own administration date in addition to their clients’ open enrollment periods. That functionality allows brokers and clients to review enrollments both before and after the enrollment period. In addition, users can now duplicate changes made to benefits plans across an organization.

BenefitMall is “committed to continuously enhancing our technologies to improve user experience, and [we] believe these changes to EmployerFocus will make benefits administration much more efficient,” said CIO Michelle Sheffield.

EmployerFocus also gives brokers and their clients the ability to update and manage voluntary ancillary coverages, with the option of providing coverage either by a percentage or flat dollar amount, the company said. Users can also determine when a salary waiting period goes into effect, either instantly, on the first of month following or anniversary. Updates to employee notifications—such as posting news, documents and links are also available.

BenefitMall’s Busy Year

The enhancements to EmployerFocus come not long after BenefitMall began offering access to wages-on-demand platform provider ZayZoon to its payroll clients. That agreement allows employers to facilitate the disbursement of earned wages ahead of scheduled paydays, an increasingly popular benefit.

In April, the company launched Agency Workspace, which it described as “a home base for BenefitMall’s technology for brokers to support their clients.” Agency Workspace was meant to streamline broker management of their BenefitMall book of business.  

For all its activity during 2019, BenefitMall suffered a bad start to 2019. In January, the company announced that a data breach had taken place in October 2018 that may have exposed some customer information.

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