Bullhorn Connects ATS, VMS in Bid To Streamline Staffing

Staffing Connection

Staffing and recruiting platform Bullhorn will connect ATS and VMS systems so companies can transfer full-time candidate records into their vendor database and back again.

The enhancement to Bullhorn’s VMS Sync solution will automate both the capture of jobs from a VMS and the submitting of candidates to fill those jobs.

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Bullhorn VMS Sync was launched as Fyre Sync in 2018. The company said the enhancement will create the only “closed-loop” integration between applicant tracking systems and vendor management systems in the staffing industry. In addition, it should help high-volume agencies to significantly reduce the manual work involved so they can speed execution. 

Mitesh Ashar, Bullhorn’s senior vice president of product management, positioned the closed-loop integration as a logical extension of Bullhorn’s capabilities. “Our customers are used to living in Bullhorn and doing everything they need to do in a single system,” he said. “Having to bounce between various VMS solutions, copy and paste reqs and enter data manually is a productivity killer.”

The integration spares recruiters a separate login. To some that might seem like a detail, but Bullhorn said increased VMS use by large clients has pushed staffing agencies to change their operating models. Manually copying and pasting data from VMS to ATS and back again chewed up time, productivity and money.  

Bullhorn said Sync VMS is the only start-to-finish recruitment process automation product available today. Giving users the ability to start and end their search process in their ATS should increase adoption, improve data quality and give leaders greater insight into organizational performance, the company believes.

Bullhorn’s combined VMS automation capabilities makes an agency’s ATS the single source of truth by automatically importing and updating job records into the ATS and then pulling submitted candidates from the ATS back into a VMS – usually within 10 seconds or less

Bullhorn likes the idea of being the single source of truth. Earlier this year, the company launched a middle-office suite to integrates time and expense, invoicing, gross margin calculation and billing functionality with its front office solution. At the time, it said the suite could act as the single source of truth for departments across an organization and help staffing firms operate more efficiently.

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