Ceipal Integrates LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect

Integration Flow

Ceipal incorporated LinkedIn’s Recruiter System Connect into its ATS with the goal of helping expedite its employers’ hiring process, allowing them to more quickly find and hire qualified candidates. According to the company, the integration will save time for HR and recruiting professionals by gathering consistent, real-time data from LinkedIn Recruiter and putting it into the Ceipal ATS.

“We continue to deepen and expand our longstanding partnership with LinkedIn to provide our users with another advantageous integration that will help them uplevel their recruiting strategies,” said Ceipal founder and CEO Sameer Penakalapati. The integration is designed to enable users to quickly identify and engage with talent, develop relationships and match candidates with job opportunities, he said.

LinkedIn said the integration will enable organizations to filter searches, access candidate history, identify existing candidates and send messages within the Ceipal ATS.

The business-focused network aims to enhance productivity and efficiency by providing access to up-to-date candidate records, as well as insights into applicants from LinkedIn Recruiter. The partnership also claims to boost collaboration within teams and improve the overall candidate experience.

New Potential

In addition, Ceipal announced an integration with LinkedIn’s Apply Connect, which helps streamline the job posting and application process. Users can engage with and screen applicants from LinkedIn directly in their ATS. Also, applicants can use their LinkedIn profile to apply for any job posted by a Ceipal customer.

This is the second of two notable integrations Ceipal has made recently. Earlier this month, the company integrated ChatGPTinto its ATS, with the goal of helping recruiters and staffing professionals “work more efficiently and effectively.”

ChatGPT’s generative AI capabilities will help create Boolean search strings for use in candidate sourcing, develop consistent job descriptions and produce interview questions and answers to evaluate candidates, the company said.

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