Oracle Celebrate Adds Recognition and Rewards to Oracle ME


Oracle added new employee recognition and rewards features to Oracle ME, the employee experience platform built within Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM.

The announcement’s focus is Oracle Celebrate, a native-built recognition and rewards offering that provides workforce insights and capabilities to help HR deliver a more personalized experience for employees. Celebrate also helps align recognition programs and organizational values, embed peer-to-peer recognition into daily workflows and connect data across the entire employee experience platform.

“These new capabilities make employee recognition easy, meaningful, and inclusive while empowering HR and business leaders to prioritize employee appreciation, boost engagement, and motivate their workforce,” said Yvette Cameron, Oracle Cloud HCM’s senior vice president, product strategy.

Active Recognition

Oracle Celebrate includes:

  • Peer-to-Peer Recognition: Enables employees and leaders to acknowledge coworkers across the organization with real-time, contextual and personal recognition. It embeds peer recognition into an employee’s daily routine and flow of work with tools such as weekly pulse surveys, emails or instant messenger.
  • Generative AI Assistant: Recommend improvements to employees’ recognition suggestions.
  • Nomination and Event-Based Awards: Triggered by updates to employee profiles in Oracle Cloud HCM, the feature enables employees to recognize peers for milestone events, such as work anniversaries and promotions.
  • Redeemable Points: Enables employees to earn points when they are recognized for
  • Recognition Dashboard: Helps managers understand what their team is most recognized for, identify top contributors and highlight individuals who may require more attention and support.  
  • Real-Time Recognition and Engagement Data: Enables organizations to continuously monitor and update recognition programs with data.  
  • Recognition-Based Social Feed: Creates a real-time stream of organization and team-wide shoutouts and awards.  

Oracle Cloud HCM connects HR processes with a native employee experience platform. By connecting all employee data on a single platform, Oracle said, HR teams have access to a single source of truth to help inform their people strategy.

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