Ceridian Adds New Analytics, Earned-Wages Capabilities to Dayforce

Ceridian Dayforce HCM

Ceridian launched several enhancements to its HCM package, including new analytics, a new earned-wages tool and a simplified approach to customizing Dayforce.

The analytics feature, Dayforce Intelligence, provides companies with predictive analytics designed to identify key metrics for each HCM process. The company said the tool will allow its customers to review current scores, track metrics over time and compare their results to those of their peers.

.@Ceridian launched enhancements including new analytics, a new earned-wages tool and a simplified approach to customizing Dayforce. #HR #HRTech Share on X

The idea, said Chairman and CEO David Ossip, is to help HR understand how well its processes are performing in the context of both internal measures and external benchmarks. “This is essential for HR to be strategic and to create hard dollar value for their organizations,” he said.

The company also showed off a new on-demand pay feature, Dayforce Wallet, which allows employees to access earned wages at any time during the current pay period.

Though given its own identity, Dayforce Wallet seems to add functionality to the On-Demand Pay feature released in April 2019. Ceridian’s web site emphasizes Wallet’s management of employer cash flow and payroll processes: Wallet uses Dayforce’s continuous pay calculations to process same-day payroll at the worker’s request without impacting payroll processing on the back end. (We’ve asked Ceridian for a clarification.)

Finally, Ceridian released Dayforce Hub, a single place for customers to tailor the Dayforce experience with their branding and content. By using configurable widgets and styles, Ceridian said, HR should be able to increase user adoption, an increasing concern in these days of user experience and engagement.

The new features are scheduled to roll out early in 2020.

Ceridian in Canada

Separately, Ceridian said it will add features to Powerpay, its HR and payroll platform for Canadian SMBs.

The enhancements include the ability to build a cloud-based system for tracking all employee information in one place, a central repository for HR documents and employee documentation, tools to create a customized onboarding process and self-service time-off management.

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Image: Ceridian

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