Phenom People Adds Career Pathing, D&I Features

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Phenom People announced enhancements to its Internal Mobility and Employee Referrals modules. Called Phenom Career Pathing and Phenom Diversity & Inclusion, the features are designed to surface future roles and upskilling opportunities, and also help employees develop their internal networks.

The company said it’s trying to ease the pain of employers who lose workers because they lack clear career paths and learning opportunities. It cited SHRM research that shows total turnover costs can reach up to 200 percent of annual salary, and also noted the impact departures have on productivity.

Jonathan Dale, Phenom People’s vice president of product marketing, told us the new tools further the company’s efforts “to really connect the different experiences in the market today, from talent acquisition to talent management.” Candidate experience, recruiter experience, employee experience and manager experience all have different challenges, he said, “and you need to provide products and services across what’s necessary.”

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Expanding the Experience

Internal Mobility & Employee Referrals includes a “hyper-personalized” employee career site, personalized job recommendations, chatbot and referrals. By adding career pathing and D&I features, Internal Mobility will simplify the employee experience by delivering more functionality through a single solution, the company said.

Career Pathing is a tool kit that helps employees identify possible job moves, future roles and the skills needed to land them. The tools includes fit-scoring, skills-gap analysis  and possible development tracks.

Diversity & Inclusion’s features help workers engage with internal networks based on different

cultures, backgrounds, lifestyles and beliefs. They help with group creation and promotion, administration and event organizing.

“Almost every company is going through an HR transformation due to business model changes and new skills required,” said Phenom People CEO Mahe Bayireddi. “Plus, employees have their own aspirations and values that influence where they work.” Today, he continued, companies must provide internal opportunities and learning options that help workers align themselves with business demand and identify future career paths.

Dale called the enhancements “a natural extension” Phenom People’s effort to build out its “Talent Experience Management platform,” or TXM, which it launched in April. The company describes the TXM as a platform that connects interactions throughout the candidate and employee lifecycles, and is based on the idea that unified technology and design can strengthen the user experience for candidates and boost productivity for recruiters and managers.

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