Phenom People Launches Experience Platform to Manage ‘Talent Journey’

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Phenom People rolled out a Talent Experience Management platform, or TXM, designed to connect interactions throughout the candidate and employee lifecycles. Using what the company calls a “holistic approach,” TXM offers unified technology and design to strengthen the user experience for candidates and boost productivity for recruiters and management.

Experience platforms are becoming a thing. Recently, the startup Brightfox launched its “talent experience platform” to unify business technology solutions into an “intuitive talent experience.”  

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Similarly, TXM addresses the separate needs of candidates, recruiters, employees and management. In launching it, Phenom People has HR’s ongoing pursuit of respect high in its mind. Noting that CHROs must still swim upstream to convince colleagues that their organizations are more than cost centers, the company said TXM helps employers manage the “new talent economy, which is undergoing major technological and societal shifts.”

In a separate announcement, Phenom People introduced several tools designed to support the experience platform. These include a university recruiting feature, internal mobility chatbots and SMS cpabilities.

A Unified Experience Platform

Companies that talk about improving “the experience”—whether it’s for candidates, employees or managers—invariably talk about breaking down silos. Calling a good talent experience “invaluable,” Global Director of Recruiting Karen Kesner said, through Phenom People, that the first step in “fundamentally redesigning the experience is to break down silos.” She described TXM as an experience platform that “marries all players in the talent lifecycle for a seamless experience and improved efficiency.”

TXM addresses four areas:

  • Candidate Experience uses personalized chatbots and career sites to personalize job recommendations and content through “an e-commerce-like experience.”
  • Recruiter Experience offers intelligent candidate fit scoring and other insights to more quickly match talent to jobs. Besides offering university recruiting and CRM features, the module allows recruiters to create SMS and email campaigns.
  • Employee Experience provides current employees with access to personalized job openings that could help them identify new career paths within the company. The Internal Mobility & Referrals feature also helps them leverage their professional networks and become more involved with the organization.
  • Management Experience provides managers with data that helps identify gaps in the talent acquisition process and refine their strategies.

Phenom People positions the deployment of its experience platform as something of a mission. “It’s time someone takes responsibility and fixes the broken talent experience,” said CEO Mahe Bayireddi. That fix can’t be accomplished “by hacking together HCM, ATS, job boards, spreadsheets and analytics systems,” he said. Keeping up with user expectations is a key factor in redefining the candidate experience.

New Tools Address the Details

Phenom People also launched new features to go along with TXM and its components. University Recruiting includes:

  • A mobile app to help manage recruiting events, including guest registration.
  • Candidate Feedback & Scoring that allows note-taking, summarized feedback and engagement and fit scores.
  • Resume Parsing, which uses OCR to create candidate profiles from resume photos taken through the mobile app.
  • Analytics to track attendees and event ROI. Event strategies can be updated in real time.

For recruiters, SMS and 1-to-1 text allows TA staff to send messages to individual or multiple candidates, set up keyword campaigns and leverage third-party messaging applications, including WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Despite the details, Phenom People wants its customers and prospects to focus on TXM’s whole. “Disparate systems do not empower HR to deliver a seamless and memorable talent experience,” said Bayireddi. His company’s goal is to provide a unified platform that helps eliminate multiple-point solutions which aren’t integrated with core HR systems and “usually underdeliver promised results.”

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