Cogito Launches AI Employee Experience Model

Cogito Launches AI Employee Experience Model

Coaching and guidance company Cogito announced its new AI model, Employee Experience (EX) Score. The company said the offering is designed to assess an employee’s experience in customer interactions, with the goal of helping companies to prioritize employee engagement, improve the onboarding experience and highlight risks of burnout in frontline workers and call center employees.

Cogito, which was founded in 2007, is a coaching software company for contact centers and frontline teams.

The new EX score uses “human-centered signals” to assess how a contact center agent will feel following customer interactions. The system combines human-aware Emotion and Conversation AI, deriving real time insights into single conversations as well as broader trends across multiple instances.

Remote and Hybrid Changes

According to the company, these issues are becoming more important than ever with teams having shifted to hybrid or remote work models since the Covid-19 pandemic. As such, company leaders are seeking solutions that give insight into friction in the employee experience and help with resolutions before they become large scale problems.

“Contact centers are feeling the strain that comes with managing dispersed remote teams and ensuring their employees can thrive in these new environments while call volume and the complexities of customer interactions continue to increase,” said Cogito CEO and Co-Founder Joshua Feast. The solution aims not only to directly address these pain points, but also track signs of dissatisfaction and burnout, he added.

With the new model, Cogito hopes organizations will be able to identify the trends that are impacting their employee experience. In addition, the company wants to further its goal of helping leaders focus on job proficiency, retention and employee satisfaction.

Last August, Cogito launched new features to its existing product suite, including personalized coaching and a conversational AI, to help its customers to be better equipped to handle customer requests.

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