Confirm’s New Platform Applies Organizational Network Analysis to Performance Reviews

Confirm ONA

Performance review platform Confirm is adopting organizational network analysis to provide employers with insights on their employees’ contributions to the company.

The new product, Performance Profile, will help employees understand exactly where they stand at work, how their progress compares to that of their colleagues and specific actions they can take to improve and grow in their careers.

The idea is to help organizations create more meaningful performance conversations between employees and managers.

Greater Workforce Visibility

Founded in 2019, Confirm uses ONA to organizations understand their employees’ impact and influence. Deloitte defines ONA as a structured way to visualize how communications, information and decisions flow through an organization, which can help increase operational effectiveness. ONA measures and visualizes workplace interactions, analyzing their frequency and strength.

Using ONA, Performance Profile examines an employee’s contributions through the eyes of everyone around them, not just their manager. Features include:

  • A full picture of an employee’s performance over time from the perspective of their colleagues and network within the organization.
  • A comparison of an employee’s actual progress versus their expected progress.
  • A clear breakdown of an employee’s network recognition, including which of their skills and behaviors are most valued by their colleagues, along with their direct reports’ views of their strengths and necessary growth areas as a manager.
  • A “manager mode” feature that provides insight into the network feedback of direct reports, enabling more productive performance conversations and ensuring that true performance transparency isn’t limited by a manager’s attention, ability or experience.
  • A list of suggested action steps employees and managers can take to help workers grow in their career.

Performance Profile is designed to make reviews more interactive and clarify next steps. The product puts “employees in the driver’s seat of their own performance reviews and career development,” said Confirm co-founder and CEO Josh Merrill.

Image: Confirm

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