Ceridian Launches Dayforce Co-Pilot to Offer Automation, NLP

Dayforce Dashboard

Ceridian – soon to be known as Dayforce – launched a new package of features for its workforce management platform. Called Dayforce Co-Pilot, the suite uses AI to automate repetitive tasks and serves as a “hyper-personalized” guide for employees.

“To achieve their full people potential, organizations require an intelligent, fast-moving, compliant and connected people platform – fueled by AI,” said Joe Korngiebel, the company’s chief product and technology officer.  

One of Ceridian’s themes is how AI-based tools can help employers address issues related to increasing organizational complexity in a constantly changing, borderless, always-on environment.  

Embedding Generative AI

Ceridian has been incorporating generative AI and natural language processing across the Dayforce platform with products like Dayforce Career Explorer, which helps employees manage their careers with more access to career pathing, opportunities for learning and development and notifications about open roles.

Dayforce Co-Pilot will strengthen Ceridian’s platform through:

  • Dayforce Talent: Natural language processing and generative AI will automate routine tasks, including writing job descriptions, building personalized learning paths and generating performance reviews.
  • Dayforce HR Service Delivery uses the co-pilot to generate suggested answers based on the corporate knowledge base, and auto-creates HR service tickets when additional assistance is needed
  • Dayforce Autonomous Payroll helps reduce operational risk and errors by finding and resolving data anomalies before payroll is run.

Along with Co-Pilot, Ceridian unveiled a reimagined candidate experience portal that simplifies the candidate and new hire experiences. The portal allows job seekers to apply for positions without account-creation forms and save-as-you-go functionality. The new features also simplify the recruiter’s workload by providing improved interfaces and automation to address volume hiring and repetitive tasks.

The company also announced Dayforce People Programs, which “orchestrates” strategic HR initiatives such as volunteer activities, training rollouts, alumni engagement, wellness challenges and charitable donation campaigns by delivering data-driven workforce segmentation and automated communication.  

All of this comes in addition to the company’s new tiered model for Dayforce Managed Payroll. Using this approach, Ceridian will work with customers to help manage their day-to-day payroll activities. The tiers will replace Ceridian’s previous standardized service delivery model.  

Image: Ceridian

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