Cornerstone Adds Updates, Integrations, Dashboards to EdCast


Cornerstone OnDemand released a number of updates to EdCast, its learning experience platform. They include new skills capabilities, deepened cross-platform integrations and more intuitive insights and dashboards. 

Cornerstone acquired EdCast in May 2022 to help develop innovative approaches to experiential learning, content and skill building. The newest improvements have been delivered since the acquisition to help employers improve people growth and business productivity.

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Cornerstone has said it’s committed to keeping EdCast open and platform-agnostic. At the same time, the company has invested in deeper integrations with its existing learning and talent solutions. The idea is to provide customers with better end-to-end content experiences regardless of where learners consume learning.

Incorporating Learning

EdCast introduced an improved user experience that operates consistently across the platform, visual design with a more modern visual identity, improved accessibility standards and a more seamless connection between mobile and desktop solutions

Updates to EdCast’s dashboard allows employees to connect to one another more intuitively, track their progress, manage their skills profiles and further personalize their learning experience. Manager dashboards provide new insights with a singular view of how their teams are learning, what skills they have and at what level. Managers can also assign new learning content to, hopefully, better engage employees.  

EdCast’s integrations hub includes a workflow automation platform with ready-to-use connectors across a variety of enterprise applications and content providers, as well as the ability to create customized connectors. Those are meant to help customers  seamlessly incorporate learning into platforms their people are already using.

The EdCast platform also expands the ability of internal subject-matter experts to share knowledge and skills with other employees across the organization. Users can create their own learning badges to showcase skill development and expertise. Employees can also share certification on LinkedIn to promote their skills outside of their organization.

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