Cornerstone’s LMS Usage Surges as Employees Learn to Work from Home

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Cornerstone OnDemand’s LMS saw a notable uptick in usage during March, which the company attributes to organizations transitioning to remote work during the initial weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some 27.5 million user hours were logged on Cornerstone’s LMS during March. The company said the surge demonstrates that employers are using online learning to address new work models, programs and cultural initiatives.

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Among the highlights in Cornerstone’s data:

  • The logins from 40 percent of Cornerstone Learning clients rose during March compared to February. The average company’s logins spiked 135 percent.
  • By industry, login increases came from nearly 60 percent of healthcare clients and 50 percent of those in public administration, education and non-profits.
  • Cornerstone found a 50-percent increase in the number of companies transitioning their in-person training to online formats. The verticals most affected were healthcare, finance and education.  
  • The increased focus on online learning is global. Organizations in Spain, Germany and the Netherlands generated a near-doubling of their LMS usage January to March. In South Korea, there was a five-fold increase.  

Focus of LMS Usage

Much of the traffic was generated by users seeking to learn the ins and outs of remote work. According to a survey conducted by Cornerstone and the public-opinion company YouGov, most newly remote workers believe they need help with work-life balance, (54 percent) time management (51 percent) and active listening (40 percent).

The courses Cornerstone users accessed aligned with those needs. The company said its most popular courses in March focused on time management while working from home, building work relationships remotely and remote collaboration.

In addition, the company reported a dramatic increase in searches for content on digital tools, working and learning remotely and stress management.

It seems, then, Cornerstone’s $1.4 billion acquisition of learning solutions provider Saba Software was well-timed. Announced in February, the acquisition was especially interesting because of Cornerstone’s ongoing emphasis on content and data. Last year, its executives said that focus would set Cornerstone apart from competitors and ensure its continued growth.

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