Cornerstone Studios Adds Content on Equality, Customer Service

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Cornerstone Studios, the content creation unit of Cornerstone OnDemand, released several new series to help organizations and employees prepare to face looming workforce changes.

Among the areas covered are overcoming new challenges, creating a more equitable workplace and helping workers put their customers first.

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Cornerstone Originals was launched in November 2019 as the company began emphasizing content as a way to distinguish itself int the market. At the time, CEO Adam Miller said the unit would strengthen Cornerstone’s approach by making “unique content in a repeatable and scalable way.” Cornerstone Originals is available through Cornerstone Content  Anytime.

Among the series introduced: 

  • The H Files: Project Management explores project management examples and best practices.
  • DNA: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) for Digital Natives continues Cornerstone Originals’ learning series DNA: Digital Native Advancement, this series introduces six nano-learning lessons on topics such as LGBTQ issues, mental health issues and the Black experience.
  • Made for Now: Sponsorship for High-Potential Employees features training on creating a more equitable workplace and presents actions leaders can take to help others advance in their careers.  
  • Take a Customer-Focused Approach to Your Role provides guidance on keeping customers in mind.

Earlier this month, Cornerstone announced an integration with ServiceNow that helps joint customers “promote cultures of continuous learning.” Through an integration, ServiceNow users can access modules that have been assigned to them in Cornerstone Learning. In addition, customers can track all training completions, whether they’re accessed through Cornerstone or ServiceNow.

In September, the company built a skills engine into its products. Called the Cornerstone Skills Graph, it’s meant to help organizations implement “strategic skilling,” Cornerstone’s description of matching skills and people, learning content and job roles.

Cornerstone also has installed a new CEO this year. Adam Miller was replaced in May by  Phil Saunders, who led Saba Software through its acquisition by the company.

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