Symphony Talent Adds On-Demand Interviews to SmashFlyX

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Symphony Talent incorporated an on-demand interviewing module into its recruitment marketing platform, SmashFlyX.

SmashFlyX On-demand Interviewing automates one-way video and audio screening with an eye toward streamlining the process recruiters and hiring managers follow when they evaluate a candidate’s fit and skills.

SmashFlyX's new on-demand interviewing module automates one-way video and audio screening with an eye toward streamlining the work of recruiters and hiring managers. @SymphonyTalent #HR #HRTech Share on X

Among other things, the new module allows talent acquisition teams to automate CRM workflows to prompt on-demand interview screening at specific times, such as after a virtual event, or to a specific pipeline. Recruiters can then access recorded interviews from within the CRM talent profile.

The candidate experience is built on a conversational interface, the company said. “Video interviewing is new for a lot of people in our current environment, and if we can make it more approachable and less stressful, it’s a win,” said Lisa Bordinat, senior vice president of assessments and customer care.

Other features include:

  • Audio-Only Screening: Allows candidates to turn off video, and helps employers save time on phone screening while removing  opportunities for initial bias, such as appearance and attire.
  • Question Library: Some 500 question across competency and behavioral abilities.
  • Custom branding: Teams can continue their career site and recruitment marketing branding by customizing the entire on-demand interview experience, from welcome message to exit screen.

Symphony Talent launched SmashFlyX in June as a result of its earlier acquisition of SmashFly Technologies. The merger combined Symphony’s employer-branding and creative services with Smashfly’s recruitment marketing and CRM tools. SmashFlyX makes available CRM, career site, talent mobility and programmatic advertising solutions through a single interface.

That the new platform carried SmashFly’s name made sense, since many talent acquisition leaders considered it the better-known brand. Founded in 2007, SmashFly was one of the earliest players in the recruitment marketing space.  

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Image: Symphony Talent

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