Creative Uses of HR Technology

Creative Uses of HR Technology

Explore unique ways organizations are leveraging HR technology, as shared by HR leaders and company founders. From using payroll software for staff communication to implementing gamification for engagement, these innovative approaches provide fresh perspectives on the evolving role of HR tech in the workplace.

Payroll Software for Staff Communication

I like to utilize payroll software to send out announcements, news, updates, etc., to our staff and keep them up-to-date with what is going on within the organization. 

My favorite part is sharing the monthly newsletters and being able to do employee shout-outs, recognition, etc., and sharing information on company or non-company events that are happening, the introduction of new systems/software, benefits, reward programs, etc. and promoting engagement through the feedback system.

Dalamu Sherpa
HR Director, I’RAISE Girls & Boys International Corporation

Gamification in HR for Engagement

At DasFlow, we’ve combined our HR platform with gamification to boost employee engagement. We implemented this by creating a points system within our HR software. Employees can earn points for a range of activities, like completing training modules, reaching performance milestones or collaborating on projects. 

We can convert these points into rewards such as paid time off or gift vouchers. This unique use of HR technology has not only made mundane tasks more enjoyable, but also fostered a spirit of healthy competition and camaraderie among the team.

Nicolas Krauss
Founder and CEO, dasFlow Custom Athleisure Apparel

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