FutureFit Launches AI-Powered Career Assistant

FutureFit Launches AI-Powered Career Assistant

Work technology company FutureFit AI launched the beta version of its AI-powered career assistant, Career Copilot, designed to connect candidates with guidance, training programs and jobs. Career Copilot includes intelligent profiling, motivational support, labor market data, workflow automation and customer adaptation. It supports users in over 50 languages, the company said.

The product provides personalized career guidance tailored to specific industries, geography or use cases, allowing users to explore career paths, discover skills training and search for open roles.

Career Copilot aims to help enhance employee engagement and mobility for current employees, while also driving better hiring outcomes. In addition, FutureFit hopes to reconcile the labor market’s current challenges using AI to “accelerate new paths to emerging opportunities.”

“One of the greatest challenges our employees face is discovering their passion, potential and career pathway. To build an effective workforce ecosystem, we must do a better job connecting talent with opportunities and supports,” said Marguerite Samms, chief learning officer at Intermountain Health in a statement provided by FutureFit.

Partnering For Success

FutureFit is partnering with government agencies during the beta period. The company is also partnering with employers to enhance career mobility across the employee lifecycle.

The company said the introduction of Career Copilot presents “an opportunity for state and local workforce agencies to reimagine service delivery through the power of an AI career assistant that has the potential to increase reach, accessibility and labor market outcomes.”

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