Degreed Upgrades Focus on ‘Seamless’ Skill-Building

Degreed Content Marketplace

Degreed enhanced its learning platform to help make continuous skill-building easier. New features include upgrades for the Degreed App in Microsoft Teams, additional reporting, improvements to the search experience using generative AI and the launch of Degreed Content Marketplace.

Content Marketplace is designed to help L&D teams to build internal talent pipelines through custom programs and internal academies, collaborative learning and personal learning stipends that can be applied to curated skill-building programs. The company said the product will help plug skills gaps by providing tailored skilling across employee onboarding, leadership development, AI and digital transformation, or functional upskilling. 

In addition, Degreed expanded some of its partnerships. Most notably, the company’s collaboration with the online learning platform edX now includes Academies and Content Marketplace, which aims to help users upskill in areas like leadership, communication, sustainability, artificial intelligence and data science.

Upskilling and Reskilling

The release also includes:

  • An update to the Degreed App in Microsoft Teams that streamline access to learning in the flow of work and allows users to more easily switch between platforms.
  • The addition of generative AI to the search feature, which uses OpenAI algorithms to suggest skills more closely related to search terms.
  • A new reporting feature to simplify the scheduling of regular reports, and better filtering capabilities to help L&D admins to find insights and data more quickly.
  • Employees with a preferred language can choose to see search results in that language only.

In February, Degreed closed its acquisition of the capability-academy platform Learn In. It was just one of several changes made to the company and platform in order to bulk up its learning and development solutions. With the acquisition, Degreed aims to help companies continuously meet their goals and evolve quickly to meet new demands.

Image: Degreed

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