Bersin Launches AI Assistant to Simplify Access to His Library

Bersin Galileo Tablet

The Josh Bersin Company’s launch of the generative AI assistant Galileo brings one of the industry’s leading brands directly into the business of HR technology.

No longer limited to analysis, commentary and advisory services, Bersin is leveraging his decades of research, industry experience and name recognition to offer direct and simple access to his entire body of work. In addition to research, that includes maturity models, frameworks, benchmarks, videos, podcasts and case studies.

Bersin positions Galileo as an “expert assistant and problem-solving tool.” Built on Sana AI, the technology of learning platform Sana Labs, Galileo is designed for users ranging from HR executives and business managers to L&D professionals and compensation managers.

Accessible Bersin

Galileo allows users to ask questions, as well as compare vendors, conduct research and generate work such as implementation plans, RFP templates and communications plans. The goal of all this, Bersin said, is to allow practitioners to work “as if all the advisory firm’s analysts were there in the room with them.”

The assistant can also be customized to focus on specific areas of HR, such as talent acquisition, learning and DEI as well as for line managers.

In a blog post, Josh Bersin said Galileo’s prompts were designed in chains, so as you ask a question, Galileo will take you down a path to learn, explore and further assist you in your query. The assistant includes more than 50 pre-defined prompts and workflows to help users navigate workforce-related topics.

In addition, Sana’s platform is “highly configurable,” Bersin said, which allows customers to add their own company content, create private workspaces and customize Galileo’s voice, language and identity.

Initially, Galileo will be available through a tiered pricing model for Bersin’s corporate members. Members of the Josh Bersin Academy will be offered access in the near future. A waitlist is accessible here.

Image & Video: The Josh Bersin Company

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