Searchlight’s TRACY Update Embeds AI into Recruiter Workflows


Searchlight announced the general availability of its platform TRACY’s version 2.0. The upgraded TRACY – which stands for Talent Recommendation Agent Customized to You – embeds AI into recruiter workflows to analyze candidate data and surface candidates, and provides recommendations and explanations to “streamline manual work.”

The company said its data has shown the platform is capable of identifying top candidate matches and mismatches more accurately than traditional hiring techniques. TRACY has been tested on “thousands” of candidates who have used Searchlight over the years.

“The status quo in recruiting is full of time-consuming and manual activities that make it difficult for talent teams to deliver consistent results,” said Searchlight co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Anna Wan. “Searchlight brings together LLMs, machine learning algorithms and proprietary organizational models that deeply understand candidate working styles, soft skills, qualifications and job requirements to match talent to unique organizations.”

Recruiting Efficiency

TRACY now provides:

  • Filtering for top applicants based on likelihood of post-hire success.
  • Elimination of the need for screening interviews such as culture interviews or recruiter screens.
  • Identification of skills and behaviors of top performers, and identifies best matches within the candidate pool.

Along with the product release, Searchlight announced enhancements to its skills ontology and assessment capabilities: They’ve been expanded to include more skills, attitudes and behaviors that contribute to on-the-job performance. In addition, the company’s data pipelines now utilize LLMs to create step-function improvements in processing, categorizing and enriching data.

The goal, the company said, is to support recruiters as they advise businesses and help hiring managers make better decisions.

“Our goal with TRACY is to reinvent the hiring paradigm by combining AI with human expertise, industrial-organizational psychology, and behavioral science to reliably create high-performing teams while doing it as efficiently as possible,” said Searchlight co-founder and CEO Kerry Wang.

Image: Searchlight

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