Demand for ChatGPT Skills Dwarfs Other Learning Topics

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Technology and professional power skills saw the biggest increase in course consumption during the first quarter of 2023, according to the learning company Udemy. The figures appeared in its Q1 2023 Workplace Learning Index, a quarterly report that highlights skills that are growing in demand among professionals.

Analyzing data from nearly 14,000 Udemy customers across the globe, the Index reveals the technology and professional power skills that saw the biggest increase in course consumption during the first quarter.

One clear takeaway: The rush to take advantage of generative AI has spurred massive growth  in courses related to ChatGPT – 4,419%.

In addition, nearly 470 new courses about ChatGPT were added to Udemy’s platform over the year’s first three quarters, generating more than 420,000 course enrollments as of March 31. The report said learners were especially focused on copywriting support to help boost SEO, idea generation to enhance visual presentations and large-scale email creation to improve productivity.

“The skills required for professionals continue to rapidly shift, so it’s critical that leaders provide the training resources needed to keep up with advancements such as those related to artificial intelligence,” said Scott Rogers, Udemy’s senior vice president of Supply Strategy.

AI, Machine Learning Lead the Way

The Index spotlighted several other emerging themes in corporate learning during the quarter, including:

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning have become two of the most sought-after skills in technology. Skills including ChatGPT (4,419%), Azure Machine Learning (281%), AI Art Generation (239%), Amazon EMR (227%) and Midjourney (218%) were the leading global tech skills.
  • There is growing demand for industry certifications. Courses related to new technologies in data, Python and cybersecurity have all shown a spike in consumption. For example, courses on Databricks Data Engineer Associate certification (320%) were #4 on the list of top tech skills globally and have continued to grow in popularity within both the U.S. (330%) and India (341%) markets.
  • Not surprisingly, the government sector is honing its cybersecurity skills. Cybersecurity certification courses showed a 280% increase among employees in government organizations.
  • Skills that enable data-driven insights continue to be prevalent. Tools like AWS Certified Data Analytics (107%) and Azure Data Factory (103%) are growing quickly in Australia, while Data Analysis courses increased by 42% in South Korea. Microsoft PL-300 courses increased by 131% in the healthcare industry.
  • Data analysis, cloud/app development, business intelligence and software integration are notably growing areas of specialization. Microsoft solutions focused on managing complex, technical tasks are rising. Udemy reported an increase in the adoption of Microsoft Power Platform within the manufacturing industry (358%) as well as within countries like Japan (1,063%), Canada (384%) and Germany (168%).

In the U.S., organizations are eager to learn more about ChatGPT, as shown by a 5,226% increase in consumption compared to Q4 2022. Other rising tech credentials included Databricks Certified Data Engineer Associate (330% increase), Certified Associate in Python Programming or PCAP (306%) and Azure Machine Learning (279%).

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