Eightfold, EdCast Integration Aims to Personalize Learning, Career Development


Eightfold.ai and EdCast teamed up to offer personalized career-planning tools that will help employees develop their own career paths and work toward their short- and long-term goals.

The companies, which both put much stock in AI-driven technology, have integrated their solutions so customers can provide employees with the means to define their career strategy and pursue the learning activities necessary to pursue it.       

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The partnership integrates Eightfold’s Talent Intelligence Platform with EdCast’s Learning Experience Platform. The resulting solution helps employees discover the skills they’ll need in both the short and long terms, and to access content that will help them develop those skills, the companies said.

Eightfold’s platform uses algorithms to provide career planning recommendations for each employee, while EdCast’s uses AI to identify and curate a company’s learning content, organizing it based on a number of factors, including skills and certifications.

Personalize Learning Delivery

Eightfold and EdCast said their partnership will also help organizations provide personalized corporate education, delivered at the right time and at the right pace. And, it will encourage life-long learning, which the companies expect to become increasingly important as the number of  remote workers grows.

Partnering with EdCast will help Eightfold “provide the right training for every employee to reach their career aspirations,” said Eightfold CEO Ashutosh Garg.

The idea of more personalized learning has been gaining steam for some months. In March,  Glint and BetterUp each launched features that emphasize personalization as a way to provide employees with a more engaging development experience.

Glint’s 360s helps users create and align their development and business goals, while BetterUp’s Identify delivers “hyper-personalized development recipes” after evaluating the needs of an organization’s workforce.

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Image: EdCast

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