Eightfold Launches Job Intelligence Engine to Provide Clear View of Workforce

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Eightfold AI launched a “Job Intelligence Engine,” which uses AI to define roles, then self-learns by leveraging internal and external market data to optimize all talent decisions to help employers make better talent decisions. The result, according to the company, is better visibility into an employer’s existing workforce, including the skills necessary to help the business evolve.

The product will speed time to hire, reduce time needed to create job descriptions and role requirements, provide visibility into available talent based on role definition and aid in development of a future-ready workforce.

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The product’s launch is timely. In a statement provided by Eightfold, industry analyst Josh Bersin said that as technology disrupts jobs and businesses, “companies are in a scramble to fix their job architectures, define new roles, and recruit people based on skills.”

More Informed CHROs

Eightfold’s Job Intelligence Engine is meant to aid CHROs make informed talent decisions by providing a detailed understanding of their workforce’s skills and capabilities. The Job Intelligence Engine does that, while also enabling transparency for internal career opportunities, consistent decision-making and a continually evolving data set.

To do this, Eightfold leverages an underlying global data set to fully understand the availability, maturity, relevance, learnability and evolution of skills within specific organizations, and throughout the global market.  

Available in 15 languages, Eightfold uses AI to provide organizations with:

  • A purpose-built Job Intelligence Engine, built on a single AI platform for all talent. In addition, the product examines skill adjacency and context to determine an organization’s future capability and needs.
  • Self-learning AI technology that evolves and grows with the business, employees and external talent markets.
  • Consistent, unbiased evaluation of individual capabilities and “learnability” against globally standardized job descriptions and requirements.

In February, Eightfold unveiled its Career Hub, which was product is designed to give both HR and employees more flexibility in their approach to development by providing intelligence and advice within a single platform.

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