eLearning Brothers Launches 1st Post-Acquisition Product

Image: Trivantis

eLearning Brothers released an authoring tool, which it describes as the first “synergistic solution” stemming from the May acquisitions of tools-providers Trivantis and Edulence.

The company said the product, a new version of the Trivantis toolset Lectora, combines web-based, desktop and virtual reality authoring capabilities with the eLearning Brothers Asset Library. It’s available as a Silver, Gold or Platinum suite. 

eLearning Brothers released its first “synergistic solution” since the May acquistions of tools-providers Trivantis and Edulence. #HR #HRTech @elearningbros Share on X

Lectora 19 allows content authors to work on either their desktop or the cloud. It also includes VR capabilities, as well as templates for using the eLearning Brothers library with a number of third-party authoring tools.

The company said the products will help it meet increased demand for personalized, measurable and online learning solutions from a “widening” base of customers. Co-founder and CEO Andrew Scivally said the product was “definitely geared toward the rapidly rising telework force.”

eLearning Brothers’ 1-Stop Shop

eLearning Brothers announced the acquisition of Trivantis and Edulence in May. In addition to Lectora, Trivantis offers a virtual reality course builder, CenarioVR. Edulence provides an LMS called Knowledgelink. At the time, eLearning Brothers said combining the companies would create “a unique learning ecosystem.”

The private equity firms RLG Capital and Trinity Private Equity recently invested $38 million in eLearning Brothers, which financed the acquisitions. The combination was expected to increase the company’s employee base to about 100 people. The three-way deal created a one-stop-shop for electronic course development, investors said.

Founded in 2009, eLearning Brothers offers more than 500 online courses, plus templates, stock images and graphics that customers can use to produce their own learning programs and games. According to EdSurge, Trivantis and Edulence had been long-time partners of the company. Lectora was Trivantis’s flagship product.

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Image: Trivantis

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