SocialChorus Shifts Focus to Organizational Change

SocialChorus Platform

SocialChorus has expanded its platform’s capabilities and is repositioning itself as a tool for organizational change rather than a purely internal communications solution.

The company sees workplace dynamics shifting significantly as both employers and employees adapt to the changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. “We’ve re-imagined how organizations can more effectively communicate with their distributed workforce resulting in new capabilities for leaders, communicators and employees,” its announcement said.

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SocialChorus added functionality to its Assistant tool, including more personalized content, integrations with ADP, Concur and other systems; a polling feature to target specific employee groups and align surveys to key initiatives; and tagging, in-depth engagement data and visual reporting to the Analyze module.

3 Angles on Organizational Change

SocialChorus is approaching the idea of transformation from several angles. First, there’s the gap between available digital capabilities and what the workforce actually uses. As the company points out, office employees are often buried in too much information provided by too many applications. Meanwhile, front-line workers have limited access to systems and content.

The Assistant tool is designed to mitigate such issues by highlighting important subjects, reminding workers about open action items and connecting to other systems. In part, it does this through:

  • A smart inbox that personalizes important content and to-dos based on an employee’s history and actions.
  • Integrations with other corporate systems so users can complete common tasks without having to access multiple systems.
  • The Command Center, which provides one place to find content, resources and access to other systems.

Second, SocialChorus tackles surveys—the art and science of getting inside the workforce’s collective head. A part of the platform’s Studio module, the new Polls tool allows companies to:

  • Target employee groups for polling in the same way they target their communications. They can also target pulse surveys by specific employee segments.
  • Follow up by automatically re-targeting workers to encourage them to complete polls.
  • Link polls with specific initiatives to gain more focused insight.

Finally, additions to the Analyze module are meant to help employers make sense of data. The platform can measure communications across digital channels and now includes more information on how employees engage with content in email, mobile notifications and syndication mechanisms such as intranets or other vehicles. New visualization tools make analytics easier to digest.

In May, SocialChorus added features to Analyze designed to measure the business impact of their internal communications.  

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