Employees Plan to Look For New Jobs During 2023


Despite the threat of economic downturn, many workers are considering their options in terms of what to do next with their career, according to Robert Half.

The firm’s Job Optimism Survey found that 46% of workers are currently looking for, or plan to look for, a different job in the new year. That’s up from 41% just six months ago.

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“Noise around hiring freezes and layoffs at some companies hasn’t seemed to faze workers — many are just as confident in their job prospects as they were six months ago,” said Paul McDonald, a senior executive director at Robert Half. “The labor market remains tight, and professionals are curious about exploring new and more fulfilling career paths.”


Robert Half’s research showed an increase in job optimism and more voluntary quits, and shared some of the motivations behind them.

For one thing, some groups are more likely than others to switch jobs next year, the survey said. That included 18- to 25-year-olds (60%), HR professionals (58%), working parents (53%) and people who have been with their company for two-four years (55%). According to the data, the main motivators for these switches include a higher salary, better benefits and more job flexibility.

The reasons that candidates most often lose interest in a position include unclear or unreasonable job responsibilities, poor communication, and misalignment of culture and values between themselves and the company.

Companies can’t afford to fall behind on earning trust and driving engagement with current staff as well, as creating a positive experience for potential hires, McDonald said.

Finally, increased demand for contract talent may explain why nearly 30% of professionals are considering quitting their job to pursue full-time contracting work, Robert Half said. In addition, 40% said they would return to a former company if given a salary equal to or higher than their current pay.

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