Engagedly Launches Chatbot, Help Desk to Improve HR Efficiency

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Engagedly officially launched an AI help desk designed to help HR and employees access resources through a chatbot. Called Ask Marissa, the solution was designed to understand and respond to employee inquiries in natural language and provide answers to commonly asked questions.

The company positions Ask Marissa as a way to “transform HR interactions” in order to save HR professionals time when facing the traditionally manual task of answering employee questions. In addition, Ask Marissa will improve the overall employee experience, Engagedly said.

The solution creates a dedicated “Resources” library powered by another Engagedly product, Marissa AI, which will make information more easily accessible to workers. Ask Marissa will respond to questions and offer access to appropriate source documents covering day-to-day inquiries on topics such as health plans, vacation policies, travel policies and talent management processes.

In addition, the company said Ask Marissa’s approach will eliminate much back and forth with HR teams as employees look for answers to routine questions.

Elevating HR Efficiency 

Using Ask Marissa’s approach will allow HR to focus more on strategic activities and less on tactical day-to-day chores, said Engagedly President and CEO Sri Chellappa.

Ask Marissa made its first appearance in July, when Engagedly introduced the chatbot as an enhancement to Marissa AI. At the same time, the company unveiled an employee help desk to answer questions on the employee handbook, company policies, leaves and other topics.

Marissa AI was launched in February. The product was positioned as an AI enablement coach that would encourage better conversations between employees and managers. The product provided feedback to foster better communications and offered companies insights drawn from the platform’s engagement surveys and listening tools.

Research from Engagedly found that a number of HR departments are using use AI for tasks related to performance management, employee engagement and satisfaction, L&D, talent acquisition and employee assistance. Around 45% of HR professionals currently use AI for HR management, the company said, while 39% plan to use it in the near future.

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