Roundup: Engagedly’s Contextual-AI Tool enables Better Employee-Manager Communication

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Engagedly announced the launch of Marissa, an “AI enablement coach” that uses contextual AI to help employees, managers and people leaders build an engaged organization. Marissa is designed to enable better conversations between employees and their managers by providing feedback and recognition, developing insights from engagement surveys and sentiment analysis.

Talent acquisition company Relode partnered with iCIMS for a new candidate matching integration. The companies said the partnership will help customers find qualified, interview-ready candidates for hard-to-fill roles. The solution will use iCIMS Talent Cloud along with Relode’s network of recruiters to source and vet talent before it’s uploaded into the platform.

RecruitingCRM launched a platform to help recruiters manage their clients and candidates. The platform is integrated with the recruiting marketplace to give users access to a network of candidates from other recruiters’ databases. RecruitingCRM said its aim is to reduce time spent by recruiters on repetitive and manual processes by creating a free platform of tools.

Nucamp, a coding instruction company, said it will add all of its coding bootcamps to Degreed’s platform of training programs. According to the company, the partnership will give businesses access to web development skills for their employees.

Wolfe Inc. expanded its WolfeOne software to include HRIS functionality. With the expansion, the company’s clients can document and store employee information such as salary information, start date and end date, while also uploading supporting documentation.

Fountain appointed Steve Bamberger as its chief revenue officer. He brings 30 years of experience in enterprise software to the position, including his most recent role as chief revenue officer at Visier.

HireRight welcomed Larry Kutscher to its Board of Directors. In addition, Kutscher will serve on the company’s Nominating and Governance Committee.

Last Week’s Top News

Upwork Makes Full-Time Hiring Available to Customers

Upwork will make full-time hiring available to all customers for the first time. The company announced a new end-to-end solution that will allow businesses of all sizes to find, vet, hire, onboard and pay skilled professionals in full-time work arrangements. Read More.

hireEZ Will Launch GPT3-Powered Feature for Candidate Outreach

hireEZ will begin offering generative AI functionality in a product release planned for March 9. The update will use the Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) language model and hireEZ’s machine learning data with the aim of helping recruiters compose and send email messages to candidates more quickly than they can using traditional tools. Read More.

How Technology Teams Can Advance DEI Recruiting

Despite “well-intentioned efforts,” the technology industry continues to struggle with diversity, according to InformationWeek. However, the news service said IT leaders can play a role in helping employers achieve DEI goals when they work closely with HR leaders. Read More.

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