Eightfold AI Adds Intelligent Experience Module to TIP

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Eightfold AI released its Intelligent Experience (IX) offering as a new addition to its platform. The company said the goal of the product is to help employers and talent teams take advantage of data-driven activities and decision-making, saving them time and effort on laborious business processes.

Eightfold’s existing Talent Intelligence Platform offers features to aid companies with their efforts in talent retention, upskilling and reskilling, recruiting and using AI to meet DEI goals.

The addition of IX will “unlock a complete view” of its customers’ talent, organization and industry through its AI-driven insights, Eightfold said. In addition, the company hopes the release will increase the adoption of AI into all of an employer’s talent processes.

Head of Design Tony Hahn said IX “better contextualizes Eightfold’s AI features and recommendations,” helping its users to scale talent processes.

The company also claims it is “doubling down on explainability” with the product, making its process, AI and decision-making more understandable, and so build confidence, within its user base.

Features and Additions

The product will be distributed in 2023, Eightfold said. The first phase of platform updates is becoming available now for all customers. The first round of updates will help clients to:

  • Utilize transparent insights to understand the skills and talent within an organization.
  • Access AI-driven productivity solutions, automating repeatable tasks and driving information to people through their communication channel of their choice.
  • Employ adaptive learning, which analyzes each interaction within the platform and optimizes talent recommendations based on user behavior.

In November, Eightfold AI launched Talent Flex, a contingent workforce management solution, as a new component of its Talent Intelligence Platform. The product was said to deliver an AI-powered solution to help HR and procurement leaders efficiently source and manage contingent workforces, at scale.

Last year, Eightfold also launched Eightfold Talent Upskilling to help organizations meet critical talent needs as well as develop their own network. It also helps them understand talent gaps, and provides a personalized development plan for every employee.

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