Engagedly Launches New Listening Tool for Teams

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Engagedly launched Team Pulse, a listening tool that uses a recurring set of questions that are sent out to employees on a set frequency. Employees can then come up with responses, collaborate with peers and managers, and become more active in the engagement process.

On the other side of the table, managers can better understand what their team wants. They can catch sight of the stumbling blocks and multiple pain points that may have been previously concealed, and take remedial or preventive measures.

It’s widely accepted that employee experience is highly consequential to an organization’s success. Businesses seek people-centric tools that help promote a positive culture, fostering highly engaged employees for the future of work. Engagedly its people-strategy platform as helping businesses create workplaces where employees can better engage, perform and grow.

Engagedly says managing teams is a huge challenge in today’s rapidly evolving world. Engaging and retaining workers is an uphill battle, especially in remote and hybrid work situations. Leaders need an effective listening tool that can help them get real-time feedback from their teams, identify bottlenecks and resolve them.

“Today, Organizations and managers need listening tools to truly understand and get the right feedback from employees to bring to light key issues and help them take the right initiatives, promptly without having to wait a year for engagement surveys to come in,” said Engagedly CEO Sri Chellappa.

Team provides critical insights from employees that can help organizations act promptly to make the right decisions, the company said. It also strengthens the link between employees managers, and “helps build a culture of transparency and trust.”

In February 2022, Engagedly announced an investment from Aquiline Credit Opportunities. At the time, the company said the funding woulc enable it expand its product offerings and fuel growth globally. Financial details were not disclosed.

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