Findem’s New Copilot Aims to Make Sourcing Efforts More Efficient

Findem Sourcing

Findem unveiled an AI copilot to speed up a talent team’s repetitive sourcing work. The company said the product will allow TA specialists to work with more precision and efficiency, and provide them with more time to engage with candidates.

Findem’s Copilot automatically prioritizes the top-performing channels and personalizes engagement based on those channels’ best practices, Findem said. The copilot can be configured to search in-network hiring channels such as inbound applicants, ATS candidates, internal employees, CRM candidates, employee referrals and alumni, as well as traditional outbound sources.

Copilot prioritizes the highest-performing channels, reducing the amount of guesswork involved in conducting a search or spending too much time on direct sourcing with lackluster results, said Findem CEO Hari Kolam.

The AI learns from feedback and self corrects to improve the quality of candidates, outreach response and diversity in the funnel. The Copilot uses Findem’s 3D data to find and verify appropriate talent across multiple channels.

“There’s a white-hot opportunity for talent leaders to get ahead of the transformation that’s happening in this space, and our first AI Copilot was created to feed that opportunity and elevate the talent role within organizations,” said Kolam. “[We] expect this Copilot could save companies up to 90% in sourcing time and, equally important, lead to the high-quality hires that demonstrate just how vital HR is to overall business success.” 

Findem’s Automation at Work

Once integrated with ATS and CRM systems, the Copilot can:

  • Generate projects based on jobs in the ATS, including searches to speed review of qualified candidates.
  • Facilitate the intake process for calibration. The Copilot automatically updates its understanding of candidate requirements to provide a real-time view of the talent pool.
  • Short list candidates based on their match to a job’s requirements, as well as their likelihood and time to convert.
  • Automatically run campaigns against matched candidates to determine who is interested and prompt them to engage. The Copilot has access to contextual knowledge of each candidate based on the channel they were sourced from.
  • Handles replies and scheduling, such as directing candidates to schedule a screening, submit a formal application or take another desired call to action.
  • Monitor passthrough rates for outreach and target active individuals on an employer’s candidate slate. Whenever parameters yield a low number, the system will increase its activity to maintain a steady stream. 

Findem began integrating generative AI capabilities into its platform in July. Since then, the company’s Talent Data Cloud has provided ChatGPT-enabled insights across the full talent lifecycle. At the time, the company said it was one of the first HR technology providers to embed this type of AI into its workflows.

More recently, Findem said it grew annual recurring revenue 3x over its previous fiscal year. The company said it added 37% more clients to its roster, and that its annual contract value per customer grew to 2.5x.

Image: Findem

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