Fiverr Additions Continue Move Toward Upper Market

Freelancer Working

Fiverr relaunched its Fiverr Business service as Fiverr Pro, which it calls an end-to-end solution for both employers and freelance talent. The company believes that if businesses continue to approach hiring and work as they have in the past, they’ll risk missing out on finding the workers best-suited to helping them scale and expand.

Fiverr Pro nearly doubles the talent pool from Fiverr Business by adding thousands of freelancers from across the globe into the mix. In addition to being matched with talent, customers will have a dedicated Fiverr team members to provide customized support and project management services.

The service will also offer a new dashboard where both hiring teams and contractors can interact and collaborate in one place. And, a new vetting service will match customers and professionals using information on skills, expertise and professional experience.

According to the Forrester “No More Jobs” report written by Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Katy Tynan, 74% of CEOs see the skills gap as a threat to their ability to meet their strategic goals. Nearly half, 45%, are taking a skills-first approach to hiring.

An ‘Unnerving’ Workforce

Fiverr said it understands that many business leaders find the rapidly evolving workforce “unnerving.” Its goal with Fiverr Pro “is to make it as easy as possible for hiring managers and teams to come together in one place to interact and collaborate,” said Shai-Lee Spigelman, Fiverr Pro’s general manager.

The company also began rolling out Fiverr Neo, a matching service that uses new technology and algorithms to create a matching tool that offers higher quality results as well as faster, more personalized experiences. Users can sign up for a waitlist to use the service here.

“We are doubling down on our strategic pillars, accelerating our investment in moving upmarket, and taking on the toughest technological challenges to create beautifully simple innovative products that provide breakthrough experiences for our community,” said Fiverr founder and CEO Micha Kaufman.

In May, Fiverr renamed Stoke Talent, which it acquired in 2021, as Fiverr Enterprise. The move came as Stoke Talent was being integrated into Fiverr, and as the company continued to expand its approach to attract upmarket customers. Stoke Talent’s capabilities allowed customers to build a custom directory for both online and offline contractors, and track budgets and milestones.

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