Fountain Launches Conversational AI Solution

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High volume ATS provider Fountain added conversational AI feature, Fountain AI, to its product suite. The feature helps recruiters to screen and qualify candidates efficiently and automates manual processes.

Fountain AI aims to accelerate the hiring funnel and help hiring managers get candidates through the process faster, according to the company.

Among the product’s features are automated data collection and sorting capabilities, as well as simplified interview scheduling to streamline the process for both recruiters and candidates. In addition, Fountain AI reduces repetitive application questions and guides the candidates through the application process.

“Enterprise organizations are in tight competition for hourly talent and if you don’t hire fast, you don’t have staffed operations, which leads to a poor customer experience and negative business outcomes,” says Fountain CEO Sean Behr. The addition of Fountain AI to the company’s products creates a better applicant experience so that recruiters can move candidates through the hiring funnel, he added.

The solution is available for all existing Fountain customers globally.

Hiring Efficiency

The company’s ATS helps qualified candidates find the right role in the right location and guides them from application to start date.

According to the company, by combining Fountain AI with the Fountain Labor ATS, organizations can gain further insight into their how to hire more efficiently to ensure they’re keeping top talent moving through the pipeline, screening the right candidates and efficiently staffing operations.

In December, Fountain released new recruiter tools meant to help support scheduling and interviewing of hourly workers. The update included the ability for candidates to book time on recruiters’ calendars and to help with arranging both in-person and online interviews. With it, the company hoped to be able to create less wait-time for candidates in between steps in the process, as well as fewer tasks and emails on the part of recruiters.

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