Fuse Acquires Gustav to Enhance Staffing Platform

Staffing Networking

The staffing industry platform cooperative Fuse acquired Gustav, a network of over 5,000 staffing firms that claims to be the industry’s largest sub-vendor marketplace and management platform.

Fuse said the acquisition results in a network and platform for collaborative partnering between agencies. By fostering specialization, cooperation and accountability for its co-op members, Fuse believes it will boost staffing efficiency and provide candidates with better access to employment opportunities.

Gustav sources vetted candidates from a customer’s sub-vendors and screens them all in one place. The platform enables users to create scorecards, review documents and sync everything back into their ATS. Other features include sharing jobs with sub-vendors, creating preferred sub-vendor groups, standardizing candidate submission data and triggering automated status updates.

The platform also offers integrations with Bullhorn and JobDiva.

Strength in Numbers

Fuse is a cooperative recruitment network owned and operated by staffing firm members who partner together. By adopting the Gustav vendor management system as its platform, Fuse members will be able to more effectively share jobs and candidates, Fuse said.

Fuse will leverage Gustav for its Verified H-1B Program, which assists staffing firm members by verifying the compliance of H-1B sponsor agencies and the authenticity of their candidates. The program creates a transparent and accountable process for more efficient H-1B staffing, the company said.

Launched in 2017, Gustav grew into a leading sub-vendor marketplace, used by thousands of firms to drive their third-party, master-vendor, direct sourcing and H-1B recruitment strategies. After the  acquisition its founders — Jan Jedlinski, Benjamin Bartakovics, Michael Ströck and Daniel Bartakovics — began work on developing Candidate.ly, a client portal for Bullhorn intended to streamline candidate submissions for staffing and recruitment companies.

Fuse also said has begun use of its Cooperative Membership & Network Agreement with new members. The agreement “sets clear partnering expectations and facilitates increased placements and efficiency,” the company said.

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