Visier’s AI Digital Assistant Aims to Simplify Access to Data

Visier Vee

Visier launched a generative AI-based digital assistant that adds a simple conversational interface to Visier People. The company said the capability allows any HR leader who has questions about their workforce to access the intelligence they require.

Called “Vee,” the product translates natural language questions into Visier’s query language, then returns narrative answers without relying on proprietary customer data. This, Visier said, makes people analytics “accessible to anyone.” Vee can also generate explanatory summaries from data visualizations, and automatically build reports on behalf of a user.

Visier believes that while workforce data is widely available, many HR leaders are unsure of  where to find it and how to ask questions that provide real insights. Vee allows the digital assistant to learn and react to questions that will pinpoint the necessary information from the secure Visier People platform, and explain those insights in a way people leaders can use.

In terms of security, Vee’s results are only available to authorized users based on their assigned security level and associated permissions. This, Visier said, means that Vee’s answers may differ from one person to another, although both will be accurate.

Vee’s Capabilities

Vee can be accessed within Visier People, and also via Slack and Microsoft Teams. The company said Vee helps users to:

  • Ask questions about their workforce and receive answers in a simple narrative form. Using Visier’s security model and a technique that doesn’t access proprietary community data, Vee only shares information that should be available to each particular user.
  • Explore specific datasets to identify trends and other insights in areas including turnover, risk of exit, pay equity, DEIB, employee lifecycle and burnout.
  • Ask Vee to convert insights into stories and dashboards for sharing with others in the name of building alignment and driving change.

Vee represents “a powerful change in the way we interact with people data,” said Visier Chief Product Officer Adam Binnie. This conversational approach, he believes, “reduces the workload on HR and PA teams, and gives managers greater understanding into their workforce.”

Separately, Visier announced Smart Compensation, a new product designed to simplify the compensation planning process with an easy-to-use, data-driven approach.

Image: Visier

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