Technology to Personalize The Onboarding Experience for New Employees

Technology to Personalize The Onboarding Experience for New Employees

To help you discover the most effective technologies for personalizing your onboarding experience, we asked professionals from various fields to share their stories. From eliminating white space with Enboarder to using VR for engaging onboarding, these experts provide insights into the tools they’ve used to create a seamless and personalized onboarding process for new employees.

Eliminate White Space With Enboarder

One of the enormous dangers in onboarding is the “white space” between the offer and the first day of work. We implemented Enboarder to support both the new employee and their new manager from the offer through the first 30 days on the job. 

By prompting the manager and the employee to connect and complete actions, the white space becomes a runway to successful onboarding. While the application is not personal, ‌the actions and questions in the Enboarder workflow lead to personal interactions and personal connections. Pairing this experience with an onboarding “buddy” makes each employee’s onboarding unique.

Jimmy Rose
Employee Experience, Culture and Talent

Convenient Onboarding With WalkMe

I particularly love to use interactive walkthroughs for onboarding new employees. I use an employee onboarding software called WalkMe for that. You just need to build several interactive walkthroughs for different guiding scenarios and you’re done. 

No need for boring in-person training or self-guides. You can also use the app’s analytics to see the completion rate and ensure that everyone has experienced it. It’s highly convenient.

Bowen Khong
CEO, GameDayr

Versatile Tools for Different Roles

The onboarding process involves orienting a new hire to the company’s norms and values over a set amount of time. During this time, a new employee has a lot of meetings to attend, assignments to finish and new routines to establish. 

When a new employee joins the team, they may be paired with an experienced colleague to help them settle in. Employees might find out more about the company culture through casual chats.

When I’m hiring new team members, I normally use a few different programs. Since we are now a remote workforce, we have been using Zoom for our video conferences. In addition, I use Connecteam, an app that shows workers exactly what they need to do and when they need to do it.

With marketing-related content, for instance, Notion is the tool of choice. It’s an easy way to organize your data and stay on top of your responsibilities. For software engineers, I recommend either Jira or Trello.

Aleksandar Ginovski
Career Expert, Resume Expert and Product Manager, Enhancv

AI Chatbots Enhance Onboarding

We’ve implemented AI chatbots for our onboarding process, and it has been one of the best technologies we’ve used to personalize the experience for new employees. Our chatbots use natural language processing to provide personalized information to new hires at their own pace, including training materials, company policies and frequently asked questions. 

By leveraging machine learning and data analytics, the chatbots adapt to each employee’s learning style and preferences, making the onboarding experience faster, more engaging and ultimately more effective. This has not only improved employee retention rates but also helped us to attract top talent by showcasing our innovative approach to technology and employee development.

Tarun Saha
Co-Founder and CEO, StallionZo

Personalize Learning With LMS

I’ve had the chance to try a couple of different onboarding tools for new employees—and after embracing digital technology, ‌a learning management system (LMS) is one of the best technologies to use.

When there’s a new employee giving them a “generic” run-through of the business and what they will do—that’s too basic. You should personalize this experience. It’s not only going to help prepare the employee better, but it will also make them feel more appreciated and welcomed at the company. 

With an LMS solution (there are free ones that can be great for small businesses too), you can set up a personalized learning path for a new employee. This ensures you give them the information they need to get ready for their position, with no unnecessary “fillers” that are only going to waste their time.

Joe Flanagan
Founder, 90s Fashion World

Incorporate VR for Engaging Onboarding

We incorporated a virtual reality (VR) tour of our office and facilities, allowing new hires to explore and become familiar with their new work environment before even stepping foot into the building. This provided a more engaging and immersive onboarding experience and helped reduce first-day nerves and anxiety.

Our use of VR technology resulted in a more efficient and effective onboarding process, leading to higher levels of employee engagement and productivity.

Himanshu Sharma
CEO and Founder, Academy of Digital Marketing

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