G-P Releases AI-Powered Solutions for ‘Global Growth’

G-P Releases AI-Powered Solutions for 'Global Growth'

G-P unveiled new generative AI-powered solutions to help organizations make “smarter decisions” with business intelligence and insights.

The new solutions include Global Intelligence Assistant (GIA), a solution designed to offer guidance and support at every stage of global growth, G-P Meridian TM Advisor, a tech and advisory services product and G-P Meridian TM Entity, which enables businesses to set up and manage new entities when business needs require, the company said.

G-P also introduced additional product features and enhancements to ensure scalability and efficiency, including bulk features that help customers to streamline processes like employment contract creation and amendments, payroll requests and equity reporting helping to minimize repetitive tasks and mitigate data entry errors when hiring or making changes for multiple employees simultaneously.

Scaling Global Teams

The company hopes the new additions will deliver the insights, agility and support needed for its customers to create their own “global growth journey.”

The new AI-driven solutions include:

  • Global Intelligence Assistant (GIA) helps businesses inform and navigate global growth. GIA combines G-P’s global employment expertise with AI-based intelligence to compliance-assured advisory support and recommend and customize global growth solutions for businesses anytime or at any stage of their journey .
  • G-P Meridian Advisor delivers AI insights and/or human-led advisory services that provide guidance across critical global growth, hiring topics and strategies. From HR policies to employment contracts and benefits, payroll, tax implications and compliance matters, G-P Meridian Advisor provides support in more than 180 countries with GIA and G-P’s global network of HR, compliance and legal experts.
  • G-P Meridian Entity supports setting up and managing a business entity and compliance operations. With GIA, G-P Meridian Entity guides customers in making informed decisions regarding entities around the globe.

In April, G-P announced a customizable employment product suite to help companies build and manage global teams. The product, G-P Meridian, provides a control center for global employment in the form of a single dashboard designed to fit the modern workplace.

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