GoCo Enhances Compliance Tools and Improves Employee Experience

GoCo Team

GoCo released new features designed to help increase efficiency for HR, measure employee experience and keep businesses compliant. The additions include an AI chatbot, enhanced workflow experience, employee engagement surveys, along with time tracking and attendance management.

“This release underscores our commitment to providing an all-in-one solution that not only simplifies HR processes but also elevates the employee experience and ensures compliance with evolving regulations,” said GoCo co-founder and CEO Nir Liebovich.

In addition, the company hopes to provide SMBs with the tools they need to thrive, Liebovich said.

Efficiency and Compliance

According to GoCo, the latest product launch includes:

  • Engagement Surveys: GoCo said its approach goes deeper than those of its competitors with new pulse surveys that uncover employee sentiment across 10 themes including collaboration, recognition, workload and management.
  • AI Knowledge Base: An AI-based feature designed to answer a team’s most frequently asked questions, allowing employees to receive prompt and accurate responses to HR inquiries.
  • View As a Proxy: Allows users to seamlessly step into another user’s perspective. That enables admins to review employees’ access privileges, streamline training and promptly tackle any challenges.
  • Meal Break Compliance: Helps ensure compliance with state laws and company policies by automatically enforcing meal and rest breaks.
  • Attendance Management: Helps managers monitor attendance with automatic notifications, a new “who’s late” dashboard and an on-time percentages report.

GoCO’s summer product release, announced in August, included features focused on improving operational efficiency and bulking up the overall HR management experience. The release continued the company’s path of combining features into one platform. That approach, it said, will help businesses streamline their HR operations, increase productivity and elevate the employee experience.

Since the spring, GoCo – which focuses on solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses – has worked to make its solutions more flexible and, it said, further a vision of “modernizing” the HR experience.

Image: GoCo

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