Greenhouse Launches ‘Culture-First’ Onboarding Platform

Greenhouse Welcome

Recruiting technology provider Greenhouse launched a new platform to onboard new hires in a way that incorporates more than paperwork and logistics.

Called Welcome, the platform makes it possible for companies of all sizes to quickly create personalized onboarding experiences.

.@Greenhouse launched Welcome, a new platform to onboard new hires in a way that incorporates more than paperwork and logistics. #HR #HRTech Share on X

Greenhouse said that a number of employers have reexamined their candidate experience and onboarding processes since the Covid-19 pandemic began. As they increased their use of remote sourcing and video interviews, they found existing onboarding processes, which tend to be focused on administrative requirements, no longer met their needs. They needed a  personalized, more engaging experience that mirrored in-person onboarding and spotlighted company culture and role expectations.

Designed to offer a unified onboarding experience for all new hires regardless of location, Welcome enables organization to:

  • Design a personalized welcome flow for each role or department.
  • Create a resource hub with customizable pages to highlight their brand.
  • Introduce new hires to team members through a dedicated portal.
  • Provide new hires with key information and visibility on expectations.
  • Set up automated tasks and reminders to ensure individuals understand their role and responsibilities.
  • Gather feedback from new hires and generate reports to help identify areas for improvement and make adjustments as necessary.
  • Run reports on custom fields, tasks, feedback and new hire progress.

A complete onboarding platform is important, Greenhouse said, because 20% of employee turnover occurs within the first 45 days.

The platform also helps an employer’s team to keep track of and automate processes with tools such as email reminders and checklists. Tasks can be assigned to different stakeholders in order to help track activity and get things done.

Earlier this year, Greenhouse’s Services group began helping enterprise customers implement its recruiting platform’s solutions. The idea was to make set-up quicker and more cost-effective. At the time, the company said Greenhouse Services would facilitate implementation, setup, workflows and benchmarking, and would help customers build, connect, integrate and optimize the hiring platform for their needs.

Image: Greenhouse

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