Greenhouse Release Focuses on Languages, Efficiency

Greenhouse Languages

Greenhouse has added more languages to its recruiting solution, along with other new features intended to help employers scale their hiring and onboarding processes. The enhancements will also support organizations as they work to engage and retain new team members and help them develop in their positions, the company said.

With the additions, Greenhouse Recruiting will be available in five more languages: German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. The company said the added languages will make the product more accessible to organizations abroad and those seeking to create global teams. Group Product Manager Robby Perdue called the enhancement “a major milestone [that] reflects our dedication to meeting the needs of our global user base.”

Meanwhile, the company’s onboarding product added permissions to help teams manage their new-hire data, which will allow administrators to provide users with access to information such as which pending hires are joining the team and the tasks that will be assigned to them. Such capabilities will allow managers, leadership and other employees to identify onboarding cohorts and track their progress.

Greenhouse Group Product Manager Brian Donnellan said the onboarding permissions will “surface relevant data about cohorts to hiring managers and people ops professionals,” which will help organizations scale their global teams. This will, he said, “lead to operational efficiency and make it easier for global and scaling organizations to streamline their onboarding processes by surfacing only the most relevant data about cohorts to hiring managers and people ops professionals.”

Scaling Support

Greenhouse also added data privacy and consent tools to help employers meet compliance requirements. Candidates will have the option of either consenting to their personal data being processed or retained separately.

In April, Greenhouse announced its spring product release, with the addition of three features — Greenhouse Goals, Onboarding and Pay Transparency — to its product suite with the goal of helping organizations improve their hiring processes and results. At the time, Greenhouse said the new features would provide more transparency and allow for clearer hiring expectations across the organization.

Image: Greenhouse

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