Greenhouse Announces Spring Product Release to Increase Accountability

Greenhouse Recruiting Screen

Hiring software company Greenhouse added a package of three features to its product suite with, the company said, the goal of helping organizations improve their hiring processes and results.

Greenhouse said the new features will provide more transparency and allow for clearer hiring expectations across an organization. The features promise to engage and align goals within recruiting teams, leading to a stronger hiring process and delivering measurable results. 

One of the features, Greenhouse Goals “helps TA teams improve the hiring process and add value across the organization – from administrators and new hires, but also hiring managers and business leaders,” said Greenhouse Vice President of Product and Design Henry Tsai. “With more insight and data, TA teams will be able to create more impactful strategic hiring plans and become measurably better at hiring.”

Transparency and Accountability

The new features for customers include:

  • Greenhouse Goals enables TA teams to set goals at an individual or company-wide level, offering greater transparency into their performance and visibility into areas of improvement.
  • Greenhouse Onboarding new hire goals allows TA teams to create growth-related goals for new hires and easily track progress against those goals, all within the Greenhouse platform.
  • Pay Transparency helps organizations attract more candidates by providing a standardized method to display salary ranges on jobs. The pay transparency feature reduces manual work and errors to ensure companies stay compliant.

The company said the new features’ addition features will help “promote accountability” within teams by offering increased visibility and a structured approach to tracking goals and measuring performance in one location. In addition, it helps organizations build better teams through the attraction and onboarding of talent.

In November, Greenhouse released product capabilities, including Greenhouse Goals as a stand-alone, with the hope of giving recruiters and hiring teams a structured way to set, track and measure their work against hiring goals.

Image: Greenhouse

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