TaskHuman Launches Native Integration With Microsoft Teams, Streamlining User Connections

TaskHuman Mobile

Digital coaching platform TaskHuman announced a new integration with Microsoft Teams that it says will provide a seamless user experience for users seeking both professional and personal coaching.

The company said users will be able to book, call and engage with coaches directly from their desktop while in Microsoft Teams. TaskHuman said its approach makes personalized coaching “more accessible than ever before.” By providing fast access to thousands of coaches, TaskHuman lets employees prioritize their well-being and development.

The platform will be available from within Microsoft Teams in the summer of 2023. It will also be publicly available via mobile app on iOS and Android.

Flexibility, Integration

TaskHuman said the new app can be downloaded directly from within Microsoft Teams. Employees can book and conduct calls directly from a desktop device while in either environment.

In addition, bookings can be integrated with Microsoft calendars, allowing users to manage their schedules by automatically syncing TaskHuman appointments with existing calendars.

“We are tremendously excited about working with Microsoft Teams, and to expand access to TaskHuman to more users across more devices,” said Seth Barron, TaskHuman’s vice president of platforms. “This launch is a huge step forward toward achieving our vision of coaching for all.”

TaskHuman will be available on Microsoft Teams in Summer 2023.  

In December, TaskHuman launched a new mentorship platform that’s intended to help employees build professional relationships and drive their career’s progress. The product was part of the company’s leadership and sales coaching modules.

The platform allowed users to browse potential mentors and provided information on their skills and focus areas to help match an employee’s expertise with an organization’s needs. Once they’ve been matched, employees are able to connect with a mentor to receive guidance through on-demand, one-on-one video calls. TaskHuman says the approach will allow organizations to develop talent even as users build meaningful connections.

Image: TaskHuman

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